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Muslims in Slovakia

Immediately after Christian immigrants from Christian countries, the largest community of migrants from third world countries in Slovakia is the Muslim community. The Islam world to us, mostly Christians, is too far away, thanks to the media and the media image of it, we have a little bit of fear.

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Cubans in Slovakia

KubaIt is the most beautiful land that an eye has ever seen and on human has ever put foot –that’s what Christopher Columbus said about this island, when he saw it in 1492. Cuba is truly a pearl of the Caribbean - it is a country of beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise sea, cigars, rum, old cars, people smiling, dance and music. Nevertheless, some have decided to replace it for a life in Slovakia, where they found their new homes.

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The Russian community in Slovakia

RuskoRussians are like a samovar 'self boiler'. They warm the soul, hands, listen to you, entertain and cheer with you. Sometimes they are suicidally open and they allow you and warmly get you their to life... thus why we should not give them a reason to change it... this, you will see in the next programme of the shows integrate.

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Ukrainian Community in Slovakia

Ukraine is our neighbour. Similarly, as we have been for a long time under the influence of Russia, Ukraine belonged directly to the Soviet Union. This is not the only thing that unites us.We have a common Slavic roots, cultural affinity and similarity of language. Is this an advantage or not for migrants from Ukraine living in Slovakia?


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Indian Community in Slovakia

There are few countries that have so many different attributes such as India. It is a country of a thousand gods, scents and spices, huge contrasts between wealth and poverty, the countryof Mahatma Gandhi, the Temple of Love - Taj Mahal, ground of sacred cows, the river Ganges and spirituality. Part of this incredible world, was brought Indians to their new home, whichhappened to be Slovakia.

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African Community in Slovakia

In Slovakia, we usually use the term Africans. We are not aware that we put people from different nationalities into the same bag, people from different ethnicities, religions and cultures of a vast and very diverse continent. On the other hand, it is a bit funny that all migrants from Africa in Slovakia are united by Slovak language.

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Afghans in Slovakia

Their image in the world is very simplified. In general, we consider them as terrorists and we have a bit of fear of them. How are the Afghans living in Slovakia? Smart, successful, tolerant and family loving.



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Chinese Community

Even though we like many Chinese dishes, usually we go to Chinese restaurants and at home we have woks, we look suspicious to the Chinese people living in Slovakia. They themselves, however, on the contrary, will not say a bad word about Slovaks. They live exactly as their proverb say: "Be strict with yourself and lenient to others and you will not have enemies."

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Latin America Community in Slovakia

Colourful, cheerful – thus Latin America. And such is precisely the Latino community in Slovakia. It is combined by its dance, football and a desire to be happy.



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Vietnamese in Slovakia

They came here to us when they had war at home. They belonged to the utmost professional workers in metallurgy, mining or textile industries. Today we know them mainly from the stands at Miletičkova...

What are the three generations of Vietnamese living in Slovakia?

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