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Integration on the roads

Project "Integration on the roads" is a sequel of Integrate! project. We have moved from the TV screen closer to the people. 

Integration at school

In our project, Integration on the roads, we intend to focus on a target audience of recipients, which were not as engaged to the procet  as the rest of audience - students of high schools.  This type of audience dedicates the minimum of their time to watching TV programs, their information are acquired on the Internet and through personal contact. This is the reason of moving the project "on roads" and bring the migration issue directly to the target audience. We want to introduce particular migrants to young people, talk about their problems, as well as about migration of Slovaks in the past and about solving migration policy in legislative way. We believe, it is better to meet once than to hear it one hundred times. Young people in the age of 15-19 are very sensible and outspoken. Their view of the world and its value is still being shaped. Our aim is to help them with orientation in this issue, support the value of tolerance and multicultural dialogue. We intend to activly engage representatives of the single communities to the sessions and utilize the already filmed stories of migrants living in Slovak Republic. 


Integration in regions 

By means of session in a local or regional TV provide audience with information about life of migrants, about myths wich are spread after their arrival to our country, about migration of Slovaks in the past and in the present, as well as presentation of Slovak migration policy. The aim is to widen the knowledge of public about this issue and to prepare the major society, that Slovak Republic, as many other countries, becomes multicultural.  

Integration on photos 

With the help of migrant - proffessional Ukrainian photographer Oles Chereska, living in Slovakia, prepare a photo report describing every singel visited place. At the end of the project, we will prepare a vernissage and review of the project with participating communities of migrants living in Slovak Republic, with programm aimed at introduction of a traditional Slovak culture. 

Pocket Integration 

Publication with basic details concerning migration policy in Slovakia, with relevant contacts, as well as with the most interesting opinions and photos captured during our travel across Slovakia. Distribution to the high school and communities of migrants. Slovak and English language mutation.