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Integration on the roads-Martin

For a penult time we went on 28th January 2014 on our “integration road”.

This time we headed to the Martin, to the only town in Slovakia which has developed an integrated strategy. As first we had met with students from the oldest Slovakian grammar schools- Gymnázia V.P.Tótha and later on we talked in the studio of TV TURIEC.

This time it was clearly “ladies night”. Debating were Marta Botíková Professor and Head of the Department of Ethnology FF UK in Bratislava. Miroslava Hlinčíková wich works as a coordinator of qualitative research at the Institute for Public Affairs and Irina Giertlová who comes to study to Slovakia in 2007 from the St.Petersburg. Today acts as a leading leisure centre and as a leader of Irina Dance Group.