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Integration on the roads – Senica

People say that the best comes last. Our last “integrating” stop was in the town which is located on the borders of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. You can actually walk from Senica to Morava  and mixing languages, cultures and lives of people here is completely natural. People from Senica have a certain amount of tolerance in their genetic code.  In the premises of Business Academy, Marta Botníková, a professor and Head of the Department of Ethnology at FF UK in Bratislava, Miroslava Hnilíčková who works as a coordinator of a qualitative research in the Institute of  Public Affairs, Zaher Jaan Zaher, who comes from Afghanistan and originally he came to Slovakia to study, had a discussion with the students. Back then, he did not even think that Slovakia could become his second home. A newcomer in our team was a likeable Abdi Abdirahman Ahmed from Somalia. The first who came to Slovakia was his father and at the end of 2009 the Slovak Republic met his requirements and his family could come as well. Ahmed says that he came from worse to better conditions and that he likes Slovakia. After a pleasant meeting with the students, just as nice and friendly meeting was waiting for us in the TV SEN.