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Integration on the roads – Pezinok

23th October 2013, Pezinok

A married couple Bandana Dixit and Akshay Kumar came to Slovakia from a distant country India for their studies. At last they decided to stay. They started a family, brought up their children, and started their business. They share their home and culture with everyone who comes to their Indian restaurant in Bratislava. In Pezinok, the ethnologist Marta Botníková and Zaher Jaan Zaher – the representative of the Afghan community were also present. This is what we have brought to Pezinok. What have we found there? – An amazing friendly atmosphere, open-minded young people, the town without prejudices, the people willing to accept any foreigner. Maybe the wine was the reason … or the multicultural past? Anyway, if you are a foreigner and you are looking for a right place for yourself, try Pezinok :)