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Integration on the road-Bratislava

December 9,2013

On the Monday, 9th December 2013 the Integration on the road visited our capital city. Our first stop was at the well known Grammar School Metodova. The students had this time discussion with the professor Marta Botíková who is the Head of the Department of Ethnology at FF UK in Bratislava and who is by the way the absolvent of this Grammar School.Mrs. Botíková has brought over the historical photo from her students years.The next guest were extremely sympathetic Iran lady Shahad Imad Essmat and Simon Wang, who came to Slovakia from China.He even sang for the students song „Loď do neznáma“- a ship to nowhere from Tublatanka.We felt great there, so we hope that, the students did too.Our gueats even this time did not miss the discussion in a local TV. Ľubica Pilzová has discussed with them about the integration of migrants from the 3rd world countries in Slovakia in the studio of TV Bratislava.