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Civic association Local Media Institute has prepared TV program Integrate! in order to help integration of migrants in Slovakia. Project is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in SR and European Union through funding from European fund for integrating memebers of the third world of the program Solidarity in the course of managing migration flow. 

Migrants from the third world integrate themselves on the whole territory of Slovak Republic and the necessary help for their integration is focused especially in surroundings of big cities ( mainly Bratislava). Availability and spreading information concerning education, job opportunities, legislative obligations of legal stay in Slovakia, and many others are needed for the whole territory of Slovakia.  TV broadcast satisfies all the criteria for spreading wide spectrum of important information required for  integration in Slovakia, as well as for daily life of a migrant. Through feedback, TV boradcast is also capable to effectively react  to current needs of migrants, its preparation happens in real time and offers interactive communication for migrants with creators of a particular program. The main aims of public service broadcasting is to inform and  to educate. If education and informing is expected to be proper, it will not do without the widest communication medium. TV is the most popular mean of communication, and that is the rason why program Integrate! is broadcasted on statutory TV channel STV2 and few others regional and local TV channels. 

Supporting integration of migrants cannot do without informing major society. It is exaclty the program for supporting the migrants what currently keeps the major society informed about life of migrants in Slovakia, about their issues, about their possiblities and contributes to multicultural dialogue. People without information have prejudices. The only solution of  removing this barrier is to provide people with information about life of communities of foreigners, about their activities and about their possibility of integrating to life in Slovakia.

1.   part Interoduction of the project and its moderator Azim Ferhadi 

2.   part Sorts of stay in Slovakia 

3.   part Celebrations and festivals 

4.   part Enforcement at labor market 

5.   part Children of migrants 

6.   part Bridal habits 

7.   part Food conects us 

8.   part Is there a racism in Slovakia

9.   part Slovak migration policy 

10. part Who helps the migrants