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Civic association Local Media Institute was established in 2007. As employees of local Television Handlová, we implemented two successful projects concerning development in Afghanistan in collaboration with students of journalism, Mohammad Azim Farhadi and Janka Murínová. In the northern province, specifically in the city of Kunduz, we were implementing restoration of a television which broadcasts in this region. Total costs for realization of the project were almost 100 000€ (3 millions crowns). First project was supported by international development assistance UNDP and SlovakAid and Embassy of the United States in Slovakia supported the second one. Employees of the local television prepare broadcasting with the latest technologies mainly thanks to these projects. Due to this fact, information in the entire province is spread faster. In a country where the level of illiteracy reaches high numbers is especially television extremely important. It is also important to note addition of a new program called "Medical magazine", in wich mothers are advised about care of their child by docotrs.

By the end of 2007, already as civic association Local Media Institue, we submitted another media project. This one took place in Serbian town called Kovačica. Project under the title "Media Center Kovačica" was aimed at complete renovation of a media background in Kovačica. Renovation ivolved restoration of a building, purchase of technological part, and education of employees. Project was supported by SlovakAid agency with the amount of 212 200€. Multicultural enviroment of the most tolerant village, with a televsion boradcasting in four languages was a great challenge. Project was successful. Televsion RTV OK Kovačica is technically better equipped, than the national television in Novi Sad. Project was successfully finished in February 2010

In 2010, civic association Local Media Institute successfully applied for a grant to support integration of members of the third world by the means of TV broadcasting at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The result was TV program Integrate!, which involves this web portal as well. Programs such as Integrate I. and Integrate II. were implemented in the years 2011 and 2012. In March 2013 we started implementing a sequel called "Integration on roads". Projects were supported from the state budget and from the European fund for integrating memebers of the third world of the program Solidarity in the course of managing migration flow.