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How to find a job in Slovakia

Foreigners from the third countries can legally work in Slovakia, if they have a residence permit, work permit or employment contract.


First, his employer must issue a statement that they will employ the foreigner. Then the foreigner will apply to the Labour Office for a work permit. Part of the application for the work permit is a promise by the employer to offer the foreigner work. The application contains a number of necessary data:




Name, Surname and date of birth for the foreigner,

Residential and Postal address

Number of a travel document and the type of the document and the issuer,

Name and address, identification number of the employer and  type of business of the employer,

Type of work, place of work and the period during which employment would be implemented.

Official must react to the application within 30 days. Then the applicant must go to foreign police to apply for residence permit. There is a difference if you are applying for the first residence permit or the renewal of the residence permit. The foreigner has to ask for the application form according to this.

Besides the properly competed application form, they need to attach the work permit, a copy of the work contract, lease agreement, proof of financial security and two passport photos. A certificate of good conduct from the country of origin must be super-legalised. The certificate of good conduct must not be older than 30 days but other documents must not be older than 90 days.


Superlegalisation should be done through the verification of documents at the embassy of the country of origin and subsequently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Slovakia. Alternatively, it can be done in the country of origin and then in the Slovak embassy abroad. All documents in foreign languages must be officially translated into Slovak, otherwise they are invalid.


The migrant should indicate in the application the address where he or she wishes to get the out come of the application and alternatively the permit.  To the application, she or he must attach stamps of required fee (165.5 .- Euros for a document of a residence permit).

Financial security for migrant must prove the amount of minimum monthly wage for each month of stay. The application will be processed within 90 days. Meanwhile, the migrant can arrange insurance in the health insurance, which the employer must notify them the starts work.


If the foreigner has a residence permit shorter than the employment contract, He or she must apply for any extension 60 days before the expiration of this permit. If he or she is late, he or she will pay a fine. For issuing residence permits you pay 4.50 euros. Within 30 days, he or she must bring to foreign police, health insurance contract in Slovakia and a confirmation of non existence of exotic diseases.