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How to do business in Slovakia

Business conditions, a list of documents for business needs, as well as the types of business licenses.


For the issuing of a trade license, a foreigner must apply to the trade department of the District Office. The form must state:


1)      Basic personal information


2)      Business name


3)      commercial activities (selected from the commercial catalog, list of eligible activities placed on the website of the National Business Register)


4)      Place of business


5)      Date of start of business


6)      Schedule of  trading in the event that a license is issued for a limited business time


In the form, it should be specified all economic activities, in which the migrant will deal. On activities within the free trade does, he or she does not need a license or proof of qualifications. He or she needs a criminal record from Slovakia. For the establishment of a trade license, 3 euros is charged. Trade license is issued on the basis of residence. Therefore, migrants should go to the immigration offices, where it obtained. An application for a residence permit for business purposes must be accompanied by documents such as lease, proof of financial security, two passport photos, proof of integrity and more. Criminal records from the home country of the migrants should be super-legalised.


The Foreign police will process the application within 90 days and inform the migrant. Therefore, the applicant must indicate on the form, where he or she wishes to take the results of the application. Stamps of the proper fee must be attached to the application. The application fee is EUR 232 EUR. For issuing the stay, it is 4.50 euros.


After granting the stay, the migrant should go to the health and social insurance, then arrange the confirmation from a hospital, department of exotic diseases that they do not suffer from any disease. With the permission from the police, he or she will go to Trades Department, where he or she submits a complete application. From that moment he or she can legally do business in Slovakia. Business license will be issued within 7 days. The entrepreneur must also register with the statistical office and tax office. This way, he or she fulfils all the requirements to do business in Slovakia.